Terms of service

Terms of service

Confirmation of your order

I’m based in the UK, so my business operates on GMT (Greenwich Mean Time). I always aim to confirm receipt of your order as soon as possible, but it may take up to 12 hours to respond to orders coming from other World Time Zones. I guarantee a response by email within 12 hours.

Confirmation of delivery date

In the email confirming receipt of your order I’ll supply a planned delivery date. For most orders this will be within 3 days of the date of your order confirmation email.

In the email I will also ask for:

  • Your product details
  • A product JPG
  • Your target audience (demographic)
  • The tone of the description (technical, soft-sell, hard-sell, humorous etc.)
  • Essential keywords

To meet my delivery target I will need these details within 12 hours of your receipt of the email!

Unlimited revisions

I will deliver a ‘revision controlled’ version of your description on or before the given deadline.

I offer unlimited revisions until you are 100% happy with the content.

Dispute resolution

I offer superb quality content at a very low price. If you are unhappy with the service I will return your full fee without any argument, discussion or fuss.