Web content for in-car accessories and gadgets

Web content for in-car accessories and gadgets

car accessories product description

Client: Retailers selling in-car accessories and gadgets

Skills: Car desks, workstations, mobile file systems, iPad cradles, phone cradles

Tags: In-car working, mobile working

Another traffic tail-back making you late for your next appointment? You’re not alone!

Increasing numbers of exec’s, sales and support staff are having to deal with the agony and frustration of in-car working. Maybe this is one of the reasons why sales of in-car accessories and gadgets are steadily growing.

Online retailers and entrepreneurs are always quick off the mark when it comes to identifying new sales opportunities. New in-car accessories are regularly appearing on Amazon and indepdendent web sites. For a freelance product description writer it’s a great opportunity to create copy for new gadgets, car desks, in-car workstations and mobile file systems.

This can be a competitive niche, so it’s important that your on-page SEO is really well crafted. Click-through is another important consideration. Product descriptions for in-car accessories and gadgets need to appeal directly to those hassled exec’s and road warriors!

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