Product descriptions for furniture and homeware

Product descriptions for furniture and homeware


Client: Furniture & homeware retailers

Skills: Sofas, beds, chairs, sideboards, tables, bookshelves and wardrobes

Tags: Furniture, Homeware

During my career as a freelance product copywriter I’ve written hundreds of product descriptions for furniture and homeware  items. I’ve handled furniture descriptions at every level, from inexpensive, self-assembly bookshelves, up to exclusive pieces for the luxury, designer market.

Writing product descriptions for furniture isn’t an easy assignment. At the lower end of the market, easy assembly is often a key feature that needs to be highlighted. For high value items, a delicate balance is required to cover the craftsmanship and materials, while emphasising the elegance and exclusivity of each piece.

With my experience in  the furnishings sector I can write fresh, exciting copy for your product range. My furniture descriptions are crafted to appeal directly to the family decision maker.  As well as focusing on aesthetics, I also highlight the practicality, build quality and durability of each item.

Contact me today to talk about freshening your site’s furniture and homeware product descriptions. Google loves fresh content, so it’s a great opportunity to zing-up your on-page SEO!