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The business case for original content

Product description copywriting thumbnailIn this post I’m going to spell out exactly why you need to have original product descriptions for your online store. While some freelance copywriters and agencies may tell you that it’s all about SEO, the plain truth is a lot less complicated. Even if your product descriptions have superb SEO there’s no guarantee that they’ll make it into the higher level rankings!

Top of the search listings …

The first thing that I do when I’m hired to write a product description is Google the product, then check out the descriptions that are topping the search listings. Despite all the talk about intelligent search algorithms demoting poor-quality sales content, I regularly find garbage at the top of the product listings in most of the major search engines.

Here’s an example …

I did a Google search for a (random) Michael Kors model MK8314 wristwatch, using the term “Michael Kors MK8314”. Top of the results list was an expired eBay listing. Second on the list was an Amazon listing with no description and a JPG of a diamond ring rather than a wristwatch. Third on the list – another Amazon listing with no description. The fourth listing took me to a page of Michael Kors ladies’ handbags.

Poor quality results …

This isn’t an unusual occurrence – it’s something that I see every day as a product description copywriter. The problem isn’t confined to Google – the same search in Bing returned a similar listing of poor quality results for model number MK5314 – not even the model I’d searched for!

It’s all about conversion!

Obviously this isn’t a detailed, scientific survey, but it does illustrate my point that SEO shouldn’t be your main motivation for using original product descriptions in your online store. Product description copywriting isn’t really about SEO – it’s about communicating with your customers and converting hits on your site into sales!

As an online trader you’ll be well aware of the increasing numbers of competitors that are coming into the market. For most buyers, the price and user reviews are still the most important factors in their purchase decision. Even so, this is a ‘numbers game’ where a tiny competitive advantage will win sales. This is where original, well written product descriptions can make a difference!

Are you yawning in the face of your buyer?

A duplicated, keyword stuffed description is an insult to your buyer. Can you imagine walking into a high street store and having a sales assistant yawn in your face, then answer your questions by repeating the same, pre-written speech over and over again? Your product description is your opportunity to outshine your competitors and demonstrate your unique customer service.

Original product descriptions – a compelling business case

The business case for original, top-quality product descriptions is strong and compelling. If you don’t have the time to write your own sales copy there are thousands of freelancers online offering copywriting services at really low prices. If you can’t afford to have your full range covered, why not boost sales of just a few of your products with a special promotion and some fresh, original descriptions!


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