Custom Meta Description copywriting

Launched in August 2018, my updated Meta Description Copywriting service offers customised meta descriptions in line with Google’s latest SERP snippet guidelines!

What’s going on at Google?

Late in 2017 Google extended the length of their search results page (SERP) snippets from 160 to around 320 characters. By May 2018, Google had returned the length of their search snippets to a random length, just over 160 characters. Though this U-turn has left the SEO community dazed and confused, I’ve adapted my custom meta description writing service to make the most of the new format.

15 Custom meta descriptions for £25

Here’s what you get when you order up to 15 custom meta descriptions for £25:

  • I make each custom meta description interesting, cheerful & appealing
  • I limit the meta description length to around 155 characters (including spaces)
  • I aim to put the CTA (Call to Action) close to the start of the meta description
  • Your focus keywords will appear in the CTA and in the description
  • I ensure that the meta description keywords match your on-page keywords

If you want high-performance meta descriptions without the hassle of writing them yourself, this service gets the job done with minimum fuss and hassle!

Why put the CTA at the front of the meta description?

By ensuring that the page’s focus keyword appears close to the start of the meta description, it’s more likely that Google will use the first line of your custom meta description snippet.

By placing the focus keyword inside the Call to Action, you’re more likely to get Google to display the emboldened keyword plus the CTA. It’s a click-through double-whammy – even if Google wreck the readability of the rest of the custom meta description snippet!

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If meta descriptions are giving you sleepless nights, end your insomnia by clicking this link. I’ll do my best to try and clear-up some of current meta description confusion!