Do you really need keyword research?

If your web pages are routinely appearing on Page 1 of Google SERPs (Search Results Pages), you can skip my Keyword Research page and spend £20 on something that will give you a better return on investment. If you’re having trouble making an appearance on Page 1 of Google and other SERPs listings, I may be able to solve your problem!

Even if you don’t have a website, how about using keywords in your market research? If you’re an entrepreneur with a world-changing product, service or idea, twenty quid’s worth of keyword research will give you a very clear picture of the online demand for your new venture! This low-cost market research will either confirm that you’re going to be the next .com millionaire, or persuade you to try something new.

When to commission online keyword research

As a freelance copywriter, I spend a lot of time re-writing site content that’s failing to perform. I’d guess that more than 10% of the sites that I’ve worked on didn’t clearly outline the type of product or service that was being offered.

If you commission keyword research before arranging production of your site copy, a talented copywriter will be able to create pages with a strong SEO focus. This will translate into more site hits, higher CTR (Click Through Rates), and more income from your site!

In 2017 it was estimated that Google made $110.8 billion USD. Much of this revenue was generated from their AdWords PPC (Pay Per Click) keyword advertising. If you’re not familiar with AdWords, is basically an auction system where site owners bid to have their content promoted in Google search results pages. It’s all based on intelligent keyword research.

I’m not claiming that I can arrange instant membership of the billion dollar earners’ club, but I do believe that I can help you to make your site work harder and smarter when it comes to organic, keyword optimised content.

How do I identify your best performing keywords & phrases?

It all starts with one or two obvious single keywords, or long-tail keyword phrases. Using some neat tricks of the trade, I ‘amplify’ your candidate keyword list. For a typical product, service or single web page, I can often create a list of 100+ candidate keywords and phrases.

I then feed this list into one of the leading keyword research tools. This is a subscription service that’s often a little too expensive for the average site owner or entrepreneur to afford.

The keyword tracking tool connects with some of the world’s top search databases, then returns performance data on each of the candidate keywords.

What is iNTELLIGENT Keyword Research?

Keyword intelligence is what makes my service stand out from the SEO crowd! Using my insight, and inside information on the best performing content, I rate your candidate keyword list in order of performance.

You’ll receive the full, rated list in an Excel spreadsheet. The sheet will show details of average searches per month (SPM), along with Google AdWords competition.

From the top-performing keywords, I select the five best options to use in your organic page content. For each item I explain why these are the best choices for your:

  • Page slug
  • Meta description and title
  • SEO title
  • H1/H2 page headers
  • Leading paragraph
  • On page organic content
  • Image alt tags

This sounds great – how much does it cost?

To kickstart this new service, my iNTELLIGENT Keyword Research starts at £20 for a single product, a B2B service, or one web page. I can even do an organic keyword review of your full website at a special kickstart rate! Click here to book your slot, or ask a few questions about my content keyword services.