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    Product descriptions for online stores

    Top quality product descriptions are the key to conversion, transforming those hits on your site into increasing sales. This is your one-stop shop for top class copy!
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1 x Short product description, up to 100 words

This is a short product description with a one or two line 'hook', followed by a few key product details. This is usually followed by a few well-chosen sentences to describe the benefits of the product to the buyer. Short product descriptions are ideal for basic, utility products, goods and supplies. An original, short product description can improve CTR and provide some Google friendly keywords to boost organic SEO.

1 x Long product description, up to 200 words

Longer product descriptions are often required for technical products, gadgets, or items with an interesting back story. The price includes any research that may be needed, along with the preparation of Amazon style bullet points. Basic keyword research in Google AdWords is also part of this copywriting service. Longer product descriptions with bullet points appeal to a broader range of buyers and also deliver excellent organic SEO.

5 x Short product descriptions, up to 100 words each

A package of 5 short descriptions, each up to 100 words in length. This package is ideal if you need to launch a new range of products on your site, or boost sales of selected items with a special promotion. This package works incredibly well to boost sales of featured items appearing on your store's homepage. Fresh, original product descriptions are great for gaining a significant edge on your competitors.

Maybe you need more information before placing an order?

If you've not used my product description copywriting service before, or you need a little more information before booking an order, click the icon above to open my contact form. I'll get back to you within a few hours with a friendly, jargon-free answer to your questions. It's the quick, easy way to hire a reliable product description writer!

What I will need from you ...

After you have placed your order I will contact you by email to confirm the delivery date and collect your product information. I can work from a JPG or a few basic details, but your descriptions will be much more focused if you can brief me on the tone, essential keywords, and the typical profile of your buyers.